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Pro Veritate Pty Ltd

39 Union St, Armadale North VIC 3143
The Truth is in the Cashflow

Pro Veritate helps owners of small and medium size businesses to achieve their financial goals and plans. We are the low cost alternative to hiring a financial controller. We bridge the gap between your book-keeper and external accountant. We help you make the most of your existing financial information so that you make informed business decisions.

We do this by listening to your business plans and goals. As nobody knows your business like you do, we develop an understanding of its operations by listening to your description of its characteristics, nuances and drivers. We use this information, along with our proprietary financial models and tools, to develop an integrated, three-way financial forecast, comprising balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow statement.

We meet regularly to review progress against plan, diagnose the reason for variance from plan and determine if action needs to be taken to remain on track to plan. These meetings are an opportunity for you to step away from the day to day operation of the business and review its overall progress. Along the way, we do a little bit of coaching, helping you understand the link between your business decisions and the impacts on your cash flow.

With 24 years experience in banking, dealing with companies of all different sizes, Michael Stapleton founded Pro Veritate because he realised there was a need for a cost effective service to help small and medium business make the best use of their existing financial information.

Other services that we provide include:

  • preparing financial information to support busines loan applications
  • preparing timely, relevant and insightful financial reporting for use by boards, investors, lenders and management
  • performing scenario analysis and stress testing of business plans and forecasts
  • helping you understand the cash flow impact of major business events, such as acquiring a major new client, buying or merging with an existing business, investing in new or replacement plant and equipment