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We provide low cost Accounting, Bookkeeping & tax returns service in all suburbs. All our Tax & BAS related services are provided under the supervision of registered tax agent Nwando Oranye (Agent number 23083008). You do not have to visit us. Simply email your details & we will prepare a tax estimate for you - End to end Bookkeeping - Tax & BAS lodgement (Under supervision of a registered tax agent - Agent # 23083008) - Preparation of monthly & annual accounts - Accounts receivable, Generating sales quotations, sales orders & invoices - Following up receivables (Debtors) & banking process - Accounts payable process - Design spread sheet solutions (Eg : Cash flow forecast, Fixed assets register, Budget formats, Long service leave calculations etc) - Other administration functions such as diary management, managing purchases, raising POs,Inventory management, answering telephones & emails etc - Training office staff (MS Excel, Accounting & Bookkeeping, monthly accounts preparation, Australian Accounting Standards, Xero, QuickBooks & MYOB) - Design standard operating procedures (Eg : Sales, Purchases, Payments, Receipts, Fixed assets) Benefits to your organization: - No superannuation cost for you - Easy to mange your Bookeeping & admin duties as it is simply outsourced to us. - It is cheap to outsource your clerical function to experienced team, than having your own employees - We can assign staff to you according to your preference (Either Male or female) - Our qualified managers will always supervise the work, hence quality of our work is assuared - None of our employees get absence (we have pool of staff, If one staff get sick or on leave, we replace you with another staff) If you are interested, we are happy to meet you & explain more about our services. Alternatively we can be contacted through email or phone
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