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Bookkeeper Jennifer Duenzl

accountants | Point Cook VIC 3030

360 Point Cook Road, Point Cook VIC 3030
MYOB is consdered by accountants to be one of the best financial reporting products. Easy to administer with the potential to grow with your business. MYOB accounting software has made business life easier for over one million Aussie and Kiwi businesses. Manage your invoicing, expenses, GST, cashflow and inventory all in the one place. MYOB Live Accounts Cloud based accounting setup Saasu Cloud based accounting setup BAS preparation & lodgement. Specialising in Import Export & Foreign Currency payments & GST processing "Jennifer is a fantastic bookkeeper with a keen eye for detail" David Gau "Jennifer has been extremely professional & proactive" Nathan Banicevic Registered BAS agent number is 18196006 BAS preparation & lodgement $175
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