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MJE Business Services

Suite 2, 29-33 Pitt Street, Mortdale NSW 2223

Our firm strives for a high level of Professional knowledge of Taxation and Accounting, to ensure that our team is readily able to respond to queries, and develop strategies using the most recent updates in legislation. We ensure that we maintain this high level of knowledge through continuing Professional development.

We Listen to our clients to ensure that we fully understand their needs and concerns.

Our honest approach to all tasks we undertake and ability to Communicate with our clients ensures that our client is fully informed and satisfied with the level of Service.

The team values our strong Relationships with our clients.

We have an enthusiastic, experienced, and professional team who are ready to assist in meeting our clients' requirements.

Indeed, we believe that one of the greatest advantages of MJE Business Services, is the provision, over time, of a range of value added services and general business advice that will aid in the continuing development and progression of our clients' businesses.
In summary, MJE Business Services can marshal all of the resources necessary to provide our clients with the services they need, but at the same time we are small enough to value each of our clients highly. The result is service that is caring, accurate and delivered on time.

Happen Business Pty Limited

29-33 Pitt Street, Mortdale NSW 2223

Happen Business Pty Limited

Company Overview

Happen Business Pty Limited is a privately owned company founded in Australia, to commercialise, develop and sell the process driven ERP and Accounting system known as Jim2 Business Engine.

Jim2 Business Engine is the core product in our line of business software. Jim2 includes a full accounting back-end and its primary focus is to manage business workflow, business processes, and to provide a quality system framework.

Most established business software applications are primarily developed to produce a set of financial records and do not focus on how businesses created that result. There is a void from these products to focus on and manage the process with real data and not just watch the bottom line. In fact, they are primarily designed to inform management of a company's financial condition long after it has conducted its business.

In contrast, Jim2 adopts a business perspective on workflow processes, managing, tracking and controlling the inputs that drive the financial result. Jim2 then also goes on to producing a set of financial records.

Jim2® technology was designed by Paul Berger (now Managing Director) and the staff at P2 Computing Pty Limited. The original Jim (DOS version) was developed in 1990, out of a desperate need to find some decent software to run his own business. He couldn't find anything appropriate so he wrote his own. The original Jim was in constant use for nine years.

With the introduction of Windows, and the (then) need to cater for Y2K and GST issues, Paul set about redesigning the original Jim in 1998. Both Jim and Jim2 were used in tandem during the development/alpha test stages of the new version.

Happen Business was established in 2001 to fill a growing need in the market for a comprehensive accounting and business workflow software solution. The company has rapidly established a strong following for its Jim2 Business Engine software and now has an extensive customer base in diverse industries such as importing, distribution, computer sales and service, specialised retailing and manufacturing.

Jim2 offers a substantial competitive advantage for small to medium sized Australian businesses as opposed to standard accounting software.

Fast Facts

About Happen Business

· 100% Australian owned company with headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

· Target small to medium sized businesses, from 5 seats to 100 seats

· 40% increase in turnover year on year

· Customers all around Australia in a range of industries, e.g. Sales and Service, Retail, IT, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution, Trade Services.

· Key customers include Leading Edge Computers, Easy Internet Services, XSI Data Solutions, Manaccom, Macs Engineering

· The eBusiness initiative between Ingram Micro, Leading Edge and Happen Business is considered as unique in the market

About Jim2

· The core product is Jim2 Business Engine

· The original Jim is a DOS version, Jim2® is Microsoft Windows Vista and previous Windows compatible.

· Jim2 is the only business workflow management software available for the SMB market. It is built from a Business Process Management perspective.

About Paul Berger

· Paul Berger can be credited with the design and development of one of the IT industry’s first 68000 processor-based computer systems, used extensively through the Australian CSIRO

· Paul Berger is the sole designer and developer of the original Jim in 1990.

· Paul has extensive technical knowledge and experience in the areas of both hardware and software

Kirkis Accountants Logo and Images

Kirkis Accountants

5 Morts Rd, Mortdale NSW 2223
Kirkis Accountants is an established, professional accounting and taxation firm centrally located in Mortdale. Our firm provides our clients with professional services, enhanced with knowledge, experience, efficiency, partner accessibility and value. Our clients range from individuals requiring tax returns, to business clients from diverse industries with varying business structures and requirements. Further, at Kirkis Accountants our clients are presented with a courteous and approachable manner. Our firm is attentive to our clients needs and endeavours to provide accessibility to our team and partners.
Anthony Rizzo & Associates Logo and Images

Anthony Rizzo & Associates

First Floor, 1A Morts Rd, Mortdale NSW 2223
Providing Income Tax and GST Services for Individuals (incl. Sole Traders), Companies, Partnerships and Trusts. All aspects of income tax and business advisory. Servicing not only clients in the immediate local to our office, but also clients Sydney wide.

Mortdale Tax & Accounting

99 Railway Pde, Mortdale NSW 2223
Mortdale Tax & Accounting assists individuals, partnerships, trusts, companies, deceased estates & superannuation funds with a range of accounting services including GST, income tax & record keeping.

A T P Accounting & Taxation Professionals

Suite 2, 39 Morts Rd, Mortdale NSW 2223
We believe in becoming an integral part of our clients business and personal financial strategies, as good accountants can do more than just keep the books and prepare taxation returns. Our professional and committed team of highly trained professionals will provide you with personalised, practical and well structured systems to position you at the cutting edge of business growth and personal wealth creation. We cater for businesses and individuals that care to plan and succeed in their wealth management and achieving their financial freedom.


3, 2a Martin Pl, Mortdale NSW 2223